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Welcome to Ninaad Music!

A label that gives you an enchanting glimpse of the rich living traditions of India through her music. A glimpse of the uninterrupted flow of ancient wisdom across millennia… expressing itself in as varied ways as her culture it self. 

Though comparatively much younger, the label stands out in the music world in a class of its own. It was born out of sheer passion for Indian music and the desire to preserve, promote and propagate it all around. And, to meet this goal the company has been producing creatively rich concepts through innovative presentations. World class digital recording, offbeat, attractive inlay designs and detailed information on each product on the sleeve notes make it truly listener friendly. Naturally, it has not only earned a loyal audience but also led to the creation of new listeners.

The albums produced are spread in the following categories:
Classical, Folk, Thematic/Semi Classical, Thematic/Experimental, Folk, Stressless, Spiritual, Self Help, Sufi & Mystic and World Music.

Stressless Music is a special category which, as the name suggests, was created mainly to cater to the urban audiences that lead a hectic, stressful life. However, it has become an all time favorite of not just the target audience but also music lovers from anywhere and everywhere.


Capture the best of live recordings from the biggest Sufi & Mystic music festival Ruhaniyat. more...