Dream Title Description

Dream ON...
delightful lounge music

Ninaad Music presents “Dream ON...” a unique thematic album which takes the listeners on a gentle drift of ponderings, sweet nothings, bouts of energy and as the names suggests DREAMS!
Purbayan Chaterjee, a Kolkata based Sitarist is one of the leading young maestros of the Indian Classical Music. He has succeeded in adapting the intriguing sounds of the traditional Sitar to music, which is more appealing to the New-age music lovers.
All the tracks are a beautifully composed to mesmerize the listener and take them on a flight to their sweetest dreams. Accompanied by none other than the tabla maestro Anubrata Chatterjee adds to the vibrancy of the tracks. Indrajit Dev’s on keyboard has brought a perfect harmony these tracks.
All together Dream ON…, is truly a treat of fantastic new age world music.

World Music
Purbayan Chatterjee, Anubrata Chatterjee, Indrajit Dev, Sangitha Chatterjee