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The birth of Ninaad Music was culmination of a dream.

And the dream was to make people appreciate Indian music especially classical music. Rather than considering it some fuddy-duddy stuff, meant only for those close to retirement, we wanted it to be seen as, if not attractive, at least something worth giving one fair try.

We didn’t have any business school degrees, neither did we have any hands on experience required to run a label, and, of course we had no parent company or business partners willing to provide at least the initial investment. Of course, we had heard of terms like business plan, yearly turnover, quarterly plans and net profit, but these were just terms, we never felt connected to them in any direct manner.  Frankly speaking, we didn’t even know what a balance sheet looked like.

All we knew was that we loved Indian music and wanted to preserve it, promote it, propagate it and, share the ecstatic high it gave us with as many people as possible.

Launching an audio label seemed to be the most effective answer. So we took the plunge. And, Ninaad Music was born in October 1996…our first album entered the market in January 1997. 

Ninaad is a Sanskrit word which means ‘resonance of the universal sound’.

With the aim of resonating the lives of music lovers with the best, we chose to focus on three specific categories of music to begin with –
Classical, Folk and World Music. The reasons were obvious.

Known for its rich aesthetics, tranquility and serenity, classical music is a highly evolved tradition that has stood the test of time.

Folk music is a true reflection of human musicality from remote villages. Beyond the divides of race, language, cultural history and geography, its earthy charm strikes an instant chord with all who are sensitive to varied sound textures.

World Music connects musical intents of people from very different socio-cultural realities. And each face of such an international musical dialogue is beautiful and unique, making bridges in its own way.

As the months passed we conducted some in-depth research and with an improved understanding of the needs of the audiences, conceived some of the most talked about and interesting categories like- Stressless Music, Krishna Series, Spiritual Chants, Yoga series etc.

However, the biggest asset of Ninaad was not this ability to create off-beat music to cater to varied sections and tastes without compromising on the quality, but the fact that both of our directors are trained musicians too. Not just that, to the date they remain involved in every single album from conception to the inlay designs to the final release. In other words Ninaad Music is a label run by a husband-wife team, for whom each new album is like a new baby born in the family. This personalized attention shows in the quality of the products.

Besides, ours is the only company that can boast of a sister concern 'Banyan Tree' a well -known name for its pioneering effort in conceiving and producing unique, 'sold out' concerts of Indian performing arts since 1996.  Some of the most talked about being Santoor Viraasat, Shakti & Peace, Positive Energy Music, Kathak Darpan, and more recently Ruhaniyat - The Sufi & Mystic Music Festival, the only national festival of its kind that discovers unheard of forms and talents from remote villages, fakirs, mystics, sufi qawwals from all over the country and beyond and presents them to different parts of the country.  

Actually Ninaad and Banyan Tree are truly compatible and share not just the vision but also the conviction and passion. Some of our concerts have become our best seller albums too, which help one relive the magical moments and frenzy of the live concert.
The classic example, once again, is the albums of Ruhaniyat, all of which are best sellers.



Mahesh Babu has been in the field of performing arts for over two decades now...

Nandini Mahesh on the other hand comes from the arts background...